Kilimanjaro slot machine bonus win at Parx Casino

This is a small bonus win on a kilimanjaro slot machine. 45 spins at a dollar bet equals not much of a win but I put it up so people can see the game.

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5 Responses to “Kilimanjaro slot machine bonus win at Parx Casino”

  1. mavikalp77 Says:

    @videopappy37 hi pappy. i have seen like 10-15 new igt games last week.. they had bad graphics,slow spinning and different versions of their old games… seems like they rush to make so many new games without anything to add them…

  2. coffEKolor Says:

    This game rarely gives the 45 spins…it’s no surprise to me that it didn’t pay off…I was really rooting for you too…

  3. buckinghamnicks1983 Says:

    hopefully RI will get this one. You didn’t win alot on it but I would like to try it. I LOVE the Kilimanjaro documentry the British did.

  4. videopappy37 Says:

    @mavikalp77 Actually this game has been around quite awhile. I had a great bonus on this game 2 years ago but this bonus here is the best one lately.

  5. mavikalp77 Says:

    another useless IGT game… nothing special… igt goes backwords lately